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Wealth creation and protection through unbiased financial advice and solutions.


We offer unbiased advice on everything that you need to create and protect your wealth.


We have access to solutions across the market to select the most appropriate ones for you.


There is always someone local to you because we have a national footprint.


Get the comfort of working with a company that is part of the Old Mutual Group.

Fairbairn Consult is a financial advisory firm that can advise you on everything from investments to insurance and from medical schemes to pension funds. We are a licensed Financial Services Provider (FSP 9328) and are part of the Old Mutual Group.

Advisers & Planners

Our advisers and planners run their own practices, giving unbiased advice on market leading products and services, but without the hassle of their own FSP license.

Advisers and Planners is a division of Fairbairn Consult. It is an innovative and modern business that leverages true partnerships to enable advisers and planners to focus on their clients, rather than on the increasing compliance requirements.

Interested in becoming a Fairbairn Consult Adviser?

We have three options that might suit you

Fairbairn Consult Advisers & Planners
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    Join as an Individual

  • 2

    Build a Franchise

  • 3

    Join a Franchise

As an individual adviser, you remain in complete control of your practice.

This means that you make all the choices around your clients, your staff, your premises, your office infrastructure and the solutions that you will recommend to your clients.

At any point in the future, you can easily start your own Franchise or move into an existing Franchise should you want to.

And the best part is that you can maintain or build your own brand in conjunction with Fairbairn Consult.

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This is a fantastic option for an entrepreneurially minded person who wants to build a business within a business. Owning a Fairbairn Consult

Franchise feels like owning your own brokerage, except that you don’t have to worry about several compliance matters.

In a Franchise, you remain in control of your infrastructure, how your advisers run their practices and how they get paid. This means that you can create an environment that your advisers love.

All Franchises can be co-branded with Fairbairn Consult.

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Fairbairn Consult has Franchises around the country and new advisers have the option of joining one of these rather than joining Fairbairn Consult as an individual.

This is ideal for an adviser who wants to focus on their clients while someone else manages the business.

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Fairbairn Consult Financial Planning

Fairbairn Consult Financial Planning

Fairbairn Consult Financial Planning (FCFP) is a division of Fairbairn Consult that brings professional financial planning to all clients. Until now, this was only available to a relatively small group of high net worth clients through boutique Wealth Management firms. All our advisers are Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professionals and are paid salaries rather than commission.

We follow a holistic advice led philosophy, that we tailor for the individual needs of each of our clients. If you are serious about creating and protecting your wealth, find out more on why you need to join Fairbairn Consult Financial Planners.

I'm a Planner

We have options for planners wanting to sell their client books; and planners wanting to join the FCFP businessRead more

What FCFP can offer you

Exiting the financial planning industry

If you are a planner looking to exit the financial planning industry, we would appreciate the opportunity to discuss options for you and your clients.

We will work with you to structure a deal that is right for your clients and your needs.


Join Fairbairn Consult Financial Planners (FCFP)

If you are a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professional and want to do financial planning as a career we are keen to talk.

We offer community and a supportive space; advice tools, training & CPD; annual IFA Association conference attendance, compliance (incl. FSP licence, KI services, screening and general compliance monitoring), and PI cover).

We will pay a salary and you will share in any bonuses paid.

We will start you with an existing client base, and strive to match clients to planners. As you grow in experience, we will partner you with more complex clients and pay a salary that matches your experience. Profits will be shared (based on performance and customer satisfaction)

I'm a Client

Want to find out how our Financial Planners can help you enable opportunity and achieve the best life possible.Read more

Looking for guidance for all your financial needs?

Wealth should be about more than money. It should create opportunities and choices. FCFP, as a professional financial planning business, is focused on enabling our clients to access these opportunities, through wealth creation and protection.

FCFP’s Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) professionals can help you consider your financial needs as an individual, family, or for your business. We use a structured approach to building wealth, guiding our clients through a tried and tested lifestyle financial planning process that embraces the unique needs and aspirations of each of our clients. For business clients we put in place measures to ensure the continuity of the business in the event of death, disability, or retirement of key individuals.

We help you enable opportunity and achieve the best life possible. We do this by working in partnership with you to create and sustain meaningful wealth.

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